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Title: From the Hollow Sphere of the Sea
Fandom: One Direction
Pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,551 (this chapter)
Warnings: inter-species sexual relationship, drug use, profanity
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and these characters are fictional representations.
Summary: Harry, youngest child of the King of the Sea, develops a growing fascination with the land above the surface, even though it's forbidden to the merfolk. When he becomes enamoured of a beautiful human with golden skin, bright blue eyes, and ten pink perfect toes, he is unable to resist getting closer. A strange and unusual courtship ensues until, eventually, Harry is willing to risk losing everything to be with the boy he loves. Loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid. Slash, AU, RPF.
Author's Note:This fic arose from a twitter conversation where I started out by suggesting that Harry sometimes has trouble walking because he's still getting used to his human legs after giving up his tail. And then when this lovely fan art appeared on tumblr the very next day, I knew I had to write it. Thank you to my fic soulmate for life,[ profile] otta_ff, for the beta and to [ profile] fr333bird for the Brit pick.

Title taken from Alfred Lord Tennyson's, The Mermaid (link).

Also on AO3.

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Title: Alongside You
Fandom: One Direction
Pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles, Nick Grimshaw/Harry Styles
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 31,360
Warnings: possible dub-con, ridiculous amounts of fanon.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and these characters are fictional representations.
Summary: The thing is, when they decided to take a break, Louis never in a million years thought Harry would move on so quickly. He thought they were going through a rough patch, just needed a little time apart. He never once considered that they might not be forever. A “bullshit” fix-it!fic. Slash, RPF.
Author's Note: As always, my eternal gratitude to my most wonderful beta, [ profile] otta_ff, for her superior skills, outsider’s perspective (since she somehow still has zero interest in 1D (I know!!)), cheerleading, love and support. You’re the best, bb! Thank you to [ profile] fr333bird for the Brit pick and to [ profile] faintheartednot for the pre-read. And thank you as well to the mods of the [ profile] 1d_bigbang for hosting this challenge! Please visit the community to enjoy all the other entries. Title taken from Greg Laswell's And Then You.

Also on AO3.

The amazing fanmix for this story was created by [ profile] delugedpapercup and can be found here. Thank you so much! Please show her some love!

Part 1a | Part 1b | Part 2a | Part 2b

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Title: Tie Your Heart
Fandom: One Direction
Pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: WIP, 6,051 (Chap 1)
Disclaimer: These characters are fictional representations and are in no way a reflection on actual persons.
Summary: Harry grows wings. Slash, RPF.
Author's Note: This was going to be the center square for my kink!bingo, but it's turning out longer than I originally thought, and there's no way I will finish in the next week, so I decided to start posting it as a WIP.

Thank you to my wonderful friend, [ profile] otta_ff who continues to indulge me by being my beta for a fandom she has zero interest in or knowledge of. Thank you to [ profile] fr333bird for the Brit pick and to [ profile] tkegl for the gorgeous banner! Also on AO3.

Title taken from Pablo Neruda's Sonnet LXXIX (link to orig.)

Tie your heart at night to mine, love,
and both will defeat the darkness
like twin drums beating in the forest
against the heavy wall of wet leaves.

Night crossing: black coal of dream
that cuts the thread of earthly orbs
with the punctuality of a headlong train
that pulls cold stone and shadow endlessly.

Love, because of it, tie me to a purer movement,
to the grip on life that beats in your breast,
with the wings of a submerged swan,

So that our dream might reply
to the sky's questioning stars
with one key, one door closed to shadow.

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Title: What Infinite Heart’s Ease
Fandom: Merlin
Author: [ profile] arcadianmaggie
Artist: [ profile] sallyna_smile
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin (also Arthur/Guinevere, Lancelot/Guinevere)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~66,000
Warnings: Character Death (not Merlin/Arthur), graphic violence, torture, explicit sexuality, references to incest, non-consensual sex with a minor (possible spoilers - highlight to read), blatant use of favourite fic tropes, angst.

Summary: Canon era AU. Betrayed by the people he loves best, Arthur finds comfort in the arms of his manservant, Merlin. In the wake of Uther's death, the unrest to the east intensifies and shocking secrets are revealed. As a young king struggling to find his place and control a kingdom on the verge of war, Arthur must decide whether to continue his father's crusade against magic users or place his faith in the one person he thought he'd never trust again.

Author's Notes: My eternal thanks to my friend and beta [ profile] otta_ff for her incomparable support from start to finish—from brainstorming, to cheerleading, to necessary prodding, all the way to final editing. I couldn’t have done it without you. You are the very bestest of the best. Huge thank yous also to [ profile] magnolia822 for pre-reading, to [ profile] 40_miles for the Brit pick, and to my wonderful artist [ profile] sallyna_smile for the gorgeous art accompanying this story. I’d also like to thank [ profile] sapphirescribe, [ profile] melooza, and [ profile] icmezzo for both stepping in as my informal cheerleaders and for the excellent company during WCs. Finally, thank you to [ profile] the_muppet for the amazing job running this challenge.

Title taken from Shakespeare’s Henry V, 4.1

What infinite heart's ease
Must kings neglect, that private men enjoy!
And what have kings that privates have not too,
Save ceremony, save general ceremony?

Art link: Art Masterpost
Disclaimer: Merlin is owned by the BBC and Shine. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

PART 1 - Part 1a, Part 1b, Part 1c | PART 2 - Part 2a, Part 2b, Part 2c |
PART 3 - Part 3a, Part 3b, Part 3c | or on AO3


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