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My fic on FFn, AO3


Common Ground (Scorpius/Albus Severus, Harry/Draco)
The Malfoys have always hated the Potters, and the Potters have always hated the Malfoys. At least that's what Scorpius Malfoy always thought until he caught his father kissing Mr. Potter. Rated R. Sexual content, fluff. ~6,000 words.

What Happened on the Hogwarts Express (Harry/Draco)
Harry spies on Draco aboard the Hogwarts Express, but what happens next does not result in a broken nose. Rated M for explicit sexual content. Slash, HP/DM. Written for [ profile] tuesdaymidnight's birthday. Rated NC-17. Sexual content, dub-con. ~3,000 words.


What Infinite Heart's Ease (Arthur/Merlin also Arthur/Guinevere, Lancelot/Guinevere)
Canon era AU. Betrayed by the people he loves best, Arthur finds comfort in the arms of his manservant, Merlin. In the wake of Uther's death, the unrest to the east intensifies and shocking secrets are revealed. As a young king struggling to find his place and control a kingdom on the verge of war, Arthur must decide whether to continue his father's crusade against magic users or place his faith in the one person he thought he'd never trust again. Rated NC-17. Character Death (not Merlin/Arthur), graphic violence, torture, explicit sexuality, references to incest, non-consensual sex with a minor (possible spoilers - highlight to read), blatant use of favourite fic tropes, angst. ~66,000 words.


Big Love (Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles)
"It’s not that he doesn’t want to tell the world. That’s not it at all." Louis/Harry, post-Sweden May/2012. Slash, RPF. Rated PG. 1,715 words

Alongside You (Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles, Nick Grimshaw/Harry Stules)
The thing is, when they decided to take a break, Louis never in a million years thought Harry would move on so quickly. He thought they were going through a rough patch, just needed a little time apart. He never once considered that they might not be forever. A “bullshit” fix-it!fic. Slash, RPF. Rated NC-17. ~31,360 words.

Tie Your Heart (Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles)
Harry grows wings. Slash, RPF. Rated NC-17. ~38,000 words.


It Starts with a Rose (Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg)
The first time Andrew stumbles across Jesse's Flowers, he's looking to send his girlfriend flowers for her birthday. Rated NC-17. Excessive fluff, explicit sexual content, language. ~21,500 words.


Novel Length

I Wept Not (Jasper/Edward)
Jasper is a war weary soldier burdened by the weight of eternity. Edward is an uncomplicated high school student content to hide his sexuality. Together can Jasper find something to live for and Edward discover some things are worth dying for?. AU, slash. Rated NC-17. Language, sexuality, graphic violence. ~172,000 words.

One Shots

End Game (Jasper/Emmett/Mike)
The next time Mike enters the locker room after practice, the sound of running water is enough to make him burn. He knows Emmett's just on the other side of that wall. Written for the Kink Fest. PWP. Slash. Mature content. Rated NC-17. Dub-con, vampire/human sexual relations, double penetration, threesome, rough sex, rimming, fingering, felching, snowballing. Dirty, dirty porn. 6,225 words.

Legacy of the Spirit Warrior (Jacob/Edward)
**3rd Place in Public Vote** Slash Backslash 3.0. The night of the newborn attack, Jacob uses his shapeshifting ability to protect the ones he loves, changing their fates forever. Slash, AU. Rated NC-17. Dub-con, MPREG, explicit sexual content, language. 10,000 words.

Amid the Lucid Stream (Jasper/Edward)
**Winner of Public Vote, 2nd Place in judges scoring** Vamp Slash Contest. The wolves don't bother the solitary vampire who sits on the cliff's edge, night after night, looking at the stars. AU, Slash. Rated NC-17. Explicit sexual content, character death. ~3,000 words.

Heat (Sam/Leah, Leah/Jacob, Paul/Leah, Multiple pairings)
Leah went from a young woman in love to the only female in a pack of mind-reading shape shifters, led by the Alpha Sam, her ex. Contains mature content. Rated NC-17. Originally outlined for the Beyond the Pale contest. See multiple warnings. ~16,700 words.

If You Can't Be (with the One You Love) (Peter/Jasper, Jasper/Edward)
Best friends, roommates, they've known each other all their lives. What happens when one's boyfriend can't make their Valentine's date? AH, slash. Written for Round 1 of the Twilight No Stress Love Fest. Rated NC-17. Drug use, infidelity, graphic sexuality. ~15,701 words.

Get the Party Started (Jasper/Edward)
A smutty, fluffy birthday fic written for my fabulous beta, [ profile] otta_ff. Edward wants a quiet celebration with his partner, but Jasper's planned a birthday surprise. AH, slash. Rated NC-17. Explicit sexual content. 5,646 words.

White Blaze to Lone Star (Jasper/Edward)
Edward, while backpacking on the Appalachian Trail in Tennessee, meets fellow hiker Jasper. Rated NC-17. explicit sexual content, language. ~8,800 words.


Happy Birthday ICMezzo (Jasper/Edward)
Human Edward tries to convince his vampire boyfriend to get closer. Rated R. Sexual content, crack. 300 words.
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